Advice for teenage me

I was talking to someone about Oh Dear Diary yesterday, and she asked “what would you say to your teenage self, if you could talk to her right now?” I ummed and ahhed and eventually said “just… calm down! Boys aren’t everything!”

Today, of course, I can think of loads of things I would say to teenage me.

  1. Calm down. Concentrate on finding yourself, not finding a boyfriend.
  2. Oh, he hasn’t responded? Yeah… that isn’t because you were being too subtle.
  3. Not every relationship you have needs to be The One. There might not even be A One. And that’s fine.
  4. Some people are gay. Some of the people you know are gay. Some of the boys you fancy are gay!
  5. You’re a six foot skinny blonde; you should make more of that. Wear clothes that fit a bit better; show off your waist while you still have one.
  6. Hair products exist, and using them won’t make you into a townie or a bimbo. Likewise: make-up and t-shirt bras.
  7. Seriously… put a bra on.
  8. Take responsibility for yourself. Being an adult is a Good Thing, and no-one likes a sponge.
  9. You will often have to do things you don’t want to do, like getting a job. Some jobs are fun!
  10. Going with the mainstream occasionally doesn’t make you a sellout and it won’t turn you into a corporate whore.
  11. Whose permission are you waiting for? If you want to do something, find out for yourself how to do it and… just fucking do it.
  12. Everyone else is faking it too.

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