Day Five. I’m not very good at this, am I?

Ooh, lasagne!

Well, not quite. Okay, so it’s only day five and I haven’t actually got anything to blog about… already.

I had great plans for this evening. I was going to get home from work and have a bite to eat, then my Flickr friend Steve was going to pick me up, to go to the Lickey hills and take some firework photos. Then I was going to come home and blog about it.

It didn’t really work out that way. Despite blue skies all day, as soon as it got dark (just after four o’clock) it started pissing down with rain. So after a brief text conversation with Steve we decided to knock it on the head and save the night shoot for another (drier) evening.

Instead, I got a bus from work straight to the pub. After downing a couple of pints, we went for tapas and vino.

I’ve got this far, so I might as well let you know what we had:

  • peppers stuffed with couscous and feta
  • pork in Malaga sauce (ie sherry) with pine nuts
  • manchego cheese with quince jelly
  • paella valencia
  • quesadilla (cheesy flatbread)
  • pork with garlic and paprika
  • calamari
  • aubergine in vinegar (tastier than it sounds)
  • chorizo in wine
  • a duck dish that never arrived, so doesn’t count

and of course, olives, bread and two lots of pathathath bravath.

So, um, there you go.

Tomorrow we’re off to Eastbourne for the weekend to see the inlaws, so my blogging will be brief for the next few days. Yay, seaside!

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