It’s November tomorrow, and I haven’t blogged since June, and that is a Bad Thing.

It actually got to the point where I didn’t feel that I could post anything, because it had been so long and the first post after such a break would have to be something really worth writing about. That’s nonsense, of course. But I do need to get out of the rut, which is why I’ve decided to give NaBloWriMo a go.

Yes, it does sound a bit like NaNoWriMo, doesn’t it? It’s not that. There is no way I could commit to writing a novel in a month. This is the National Blog Writing Month. A post a day for the whole of November. It’s doable, isn’t it? It certainly sounds doable. (Oh god, I’m scared now.)

So if you’re reading this – and especially if you’ve read my blog or Twitter stream before now – what would you like to read about on here? What should I fill a month’s worth of blog posts with? Personal stuff? Photography stuff? Facts; fiction? Work stuff? Funny stuff; serious stuff? (I can’t really write about current work stuff, actually, but I do have some ideas about blogging some “writing for the web” things, editing, browsing shortcuts and the like…) Or are you secretly cringing at the idea of a post every day from me?

Any kind of suggestions would be lovely and motivating, so please pop them in the comments. And if I don’t get any feedback, I’m still going to give it a go (so nerrr). I need to get into the habit of writing more than 140 characters at a time again.

Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “NaBloWriMo

  1. Firstly, it’s good to have you blogging again! Secondly, I take my hat off to you for attempting a blog post a day. I could never do that. It takes all my time and limited mental power to churn out about four posts a month!

    Anyway, my vote goes with funny stuff, photography stuff and personal stuff. You’ve got a wedding on the horizon, so that’s got to be worth some material! But whatever you write, I shall read. So, good luck!

  2. Oooh! I’ve always wanted to do that thing, but you have to sign up way ahead of time and I couldnt possibly commit to it right now, although I’d like to do it some time. My favourite blogger, jenyu at use real butter is doing it this month, means we get tons of awesome photos of colorado.

    Anyways, I’d like to know about the journey to editorial girl, since I missed out on that part of your life a bit.

    I think its quite nice to get back to blogging as you can actually articulate so much better and really explore a subject and it feels like a luxury to me after twittering!!

  3. Toots: Thank you, as ever :) You know four posts a month is, like, once a week, right? And that that’s actually quite a lot (especially considering the really high quality of writing in every one)?
    The wedding prep is something I hadn’t even thought to blog, so that’s a brilliant idea, especially if I get round to actually planning anything in the next 30 days.

    Mel: Woo and indeed hoo! It was your tweet that got me onto NaBloWriMo in the first place, so BIG thanks for that. (Haha; that sounds sarcastic, but it’s not meant to.) It will certainly help my writing mojo knowing that someone else is doing it too. (Even if you do cheat. Um, but I don’t think it is cheating.)

    Jenny: Ahhh, you still have time to sign up – there’s no time limit as far as I can see! But not if you’ve got loads else on (and I know you’ve *always* got loads else on).
    As for the “journey to editorialgirl”… hmm, that’s tricky. We’re talking probably ten or fifteen years, aren’t we?! There’s a whole lot in that time that I’m not sure I’m ready to blog about yet… but I’ll see what I can do. ;)

    Jonathan: Cool – thanks :) Looks like my Google Reader is going to get a whole bunch of new blogs to follow this month!

  4. Im a man of few (badly spelt) words, so the extent of my blog entries tends to be a picture of a monkey riding a bike, with the title A MONKEY RIDING A BIKE!!!!! LOL!!1!!11
    I try to update regularly, but it is difficult. I very much doubt I could actually write something every day :(

    I would like to read more about your synesthesia. How does that relate to your everyday life, or your photography?

    Another idea is to structure your blog and pick 7 subjects and write about 1 each day of the week? Or you could pick a 30 day challenge and write about your progress each day towards your goal? – How about building up to smoking 80 fags in a day, or surviving on 4 hours sleep a night for a whole month ;)
    Or you could do a ‘My name is Earl’ type thing and aim to carry out a task each day, then blog it? or do 30 of the things in one of those ‘100 ways to improve your life’ books?

    What ever you decide, good luck!!

  5. Snap! I wrote the same post as you – albeit mine was shorter and less more rubbish – yesterday!

    I think you should post about the everyday mundane things about your life. You know – what you’re having for dinner – what you’re reading.

    Good luck – happy to come up with some more ideas later in the month if you’re flagging :)

  6. Zym: Cor, some good ideas in there. Thank you! I’m not sure I can stretch to actually planning the thing so the structured subject idea is probably out, but I think synaesthesia will more than likely get a look in. Nice one. And maybe the odd monkey riding a bike.

    Liz: Everyday mundane stuff? Really? But then what would I say on Twitter?? :D
    Seriously, I’m not expecting to do another post as long as the Stephen Fry / BrumPlum one for a while, but I am hoping to have more to say than what I’m having for dinner. (But of course this whole idea is still a novelty and I’m probably kidding myself if I think that I won’t be all “ooh, lasagne” by about the 10th.)
    Oh and good luck with yours! I nearly forgot to say that. I’ll be reading… :)

  7. I think the same rules apply for Blogging as any other writing – write what you know/what interests you – especially for a “personal” blog. (If your Blog is intended to promote your business then it might be more important that it is regularly updated than what the updates actually say).

    While the pupose of this project is obviously to instill the discipline to update regularly, I don’t think you’ll do anyone any favours if blogging becomes too much of a chore that “has to be done”. Blogging because you have something to say is a better reason than blogging because you have a blog. (On the other hand, there is probably a lot that you “could” say but never get around to, or never get around to actually saying in your Blog, so the project is still a valid exercise)

    There are some people who can write an “ooh lasagne” post that makes an enjoyable read in its own right – and there are many people for whom such a post interspersed with their other musings can be seen as an acceptable way of marking time. But would you want to read someones blog that consisted of nothing but their (mundane) tea-time menus? Would you want to talk to someone for whom “ooh lasagne” was an opening line?

    Of course, I may not be the best person to comment. When ever I tried keeping a diary it rapidly descended to the level of “ooh lasagne” (except I don’t like lasagne…). Which is why my Blog is not really a Blog at all, I’m just using the Blogging tools to allow me to keep my Holiday Diaries in an electronic and accessible manner. (since I don’t do “sitting on the beach getting brown” holidays I have enought to say without needing to fall back on “ooh lasagne”) – and as I haven’t been away this year, your June looks positively recent!

    • Tim – Thanks for your comment. I think you actually summed up a lot of what I was thinking and, together with the other comments and a few chats with friends, helped with the decision to give up blogging every day (and to try and have a point when I do write).

      This isn’t to say the exercise hasn’t helped me – it’s proved that I am definitely happier when I’m writing something :)

      (Oh and PS – I haven’t had lasagne in years. I’ve no idea why I used that as the example. But it’s become a good standard by which to judge post ideas. I now ask myself “is this a bit too ooh lasagne?” every time.)

  8. I think you should write about Edward at some point. I know sweet fa about cats & have no desire to have one of my own but the cult of Edward into which I have been unwittingly inducted is very funny indeed.

    Stories about your shop and the personalities of B13 & B14 you got to know as a result always make me laugh and I’d like to hear a bit more about you learning bass.

    Of course I could just ask you about all of this down the pub but you did ask :)

    Nice work – keep on keeping on and all that

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