Tilt-shift video

Tilt shift lens + timelapse film = really cute fake miniature video. (Wish I could embed it here, but you’ll just have to click through…)

I guess the reason I’ve not seen this done before is that it would be really difficult to add the miniaturisation effect to a video in post production. Instead of using photoshop to blur images in (hopefully) all the right places, Keith Loutit does it “properly”, using tilt shift lenses and a 35mm adapter. The result, together with the timelapse and very well chosen music, made me squeak with joy. (And if you like that one, don’t miss the links to the other two, on the right hand side of Keith’s vimeo page. Stunning.)

mini poolMeanwhile, despite those amazing videos making me feel rather small (arf), I’m pressing on with my photoshopped fake miniatures, because – well, they’re just such fun to do. My latest three were taken on holiday in Fuerteventura, from the hotel roof. The full set is on flickr, here. Yay for getting on roofs! (Er, they did a proper tour, by the way; I didn’t just scramble up there.)

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