Mullania – update

You may remember that our intrepid Councillor Martin Mullaney had a complaint made against him back in May last year, for a Youtube video in which he, his colleague Ernie Hendricks and (now former) Epic Skatepark owner Keith Marsden went for a wander into a Grade II listed building on the Moseley Road.

This week, Martin’s blog reports that “Both Councillors were in breach of the Members Code in relation to showing disrespect to Mr Safdar Zaman, owner of the old tram depot offices.”

The Councillors are required to apologise, or be suspended. Bert and Ernie … sorry, Martin and Ernie have come to an agreement that Ernie will not apologise, and therefore be suspended for one month, but Martin will apologise* and give half of his allowance to Ernie for that month.

The Youtube video has been taken down.

The old tram depot is still a horrendous eyesore.

More at Martin Mullaney’s blog.

*UPDATE (26/03/2008): In a dramatic turnaround(!), it seems Martin won’t be apologising after all, but instead will appeal. The letter he was required to sign (PDF) apparently “just went further than I was prepared to go”.

I can’t keep up. You can attempt to, by going to the dedicated pages on Martin’s blog.

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