Oh, Deir …

Councillor Deirdre Alden, “your Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for the Birmingham Edgbaston constituency”, has a blog. And on her blog, she posts pictures of herself doing Councillor-like things, with a lovely big grin on her face. Not for her the gritty YouTube documentary choice of other local councillors – no, our Deirdre (sorry, Cllr Alden) sticks to the simple digital still and a smile. At a rate of around one every single day.

GROWZSo it was only a matter of time before the lol meme came to Edgbaston, wasn’t it? That’s right – it’s loldeirdre!

I defy any lolcat fan not to see this and immediately want to have a go themselves. I know I have. And poor Pete Ashton‘s been getting a little bit fixated on smiley D. “I’ve spent most of this afternoon obsessing over Deirdre”, he muses. “I’ve never met her but I’ve built up this complex character in my head, one that I’m starting to care about. This isn’t a parody for me and it’s certainly not an insult. It’s something else. What, I’m not quite sure, but thankfully there’s a whole year of photos in her archives just waiting for the captions.”

Go on, you know you want to

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