Facebook is …

about to remove the “is” from its status updates, apparently.

At least, that’s what I think this means:

Starting with tonight’s push, any API calls that return information about users’ status messages, including FQL and users.getInfo, will be changing slightly. The return value will now start with a verb, so prepending “is” is no longer required. So in order to construct a full status message it is now $name + ‘ ‘ + $message, instead of $name + ‘ is ‘ + $message. Additionally, users.setStatus will be able to avoid prepending the word “is” by passing in an additional parameter: “status_includes_verb”. If you pass in true for that parameter, it signals to us that we should *not* prepend the word “is” to the status you give us. In a few, we will delete that parameter and change the default behavior to be that you must include your own verb.

Funny; it’s not like developers to over-complicate things, is it? </sarcasm>

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