Music in the Park

Every year, Moseley, being Moseley, holds its own festival (the Moseley Festival, occasionally known as Mosfest and not to be confused with the Moseley Folk Festival). This year’s took place at the end of June and – as ever – included street fairs and fetes, a pub quiz, the farmers market, and various theatre, dance and comedy nights at venues around the “village”. Yes, it rained, but by all accounts it was still a success and there was enough going on indoors to keep everyone happy.

One thing the rain just couldn’t help but quash, however, was the Music in the Park. Usually one of the Festival’s biggest draws, there was no way it could have been held in Moseley Park during June’s floods, so it was delayed until 11-12 August.

phones out This weekend, then, saw me lounging around in the glorious sunshine (how did they know it would be the only hot week of the summer??) listening to local bands and sipping on wonderfully cold beers. Don’t ask me who played – I’d lost my programme two months before, but it didn’t really matter. It was just a great way to spend a weekend. (Lord knows I need a day or two away from real life at the moment…)

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