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jump On Sunday 13th I spent the wettest day of the year so far trudging round Moseley and Balsall Heath for this month’s flickrmeet.

Luckily we had arranged to meet at Epic Skatepark, which has a roof – albeit a bit of a leaky one.

Epic is a real Moseley success story. It used to be a tram depot, then it became a “karting centre” that no-one ever seemed to go to and now, thanks to owner Keith Marsden, it’s the biggest skatepark in Europe and doubles up as an occasional – but very welcome – venue for things like gigs and beer festivals.

I’ve always wanted to go in there but, being over the age of 20 (cough) I’ve never had reason to before, so it was great. We spent an hour or so in the skatepark, admiring the place and its dedicated clientele (there were plenty of people in there, despite the weather) and looking completely out of place in our anoraks, then wandered off into the pouring rain.

You can see the rest of the fruits of our labour on flickr.

Co-incidentally, Martin Mullaney has recently had a complaint made against him for this youtube video in which he, his colleague Ernie Hendricks and Epic owner Keith Marsden go for a wander (read: trespass) into the Grade II listed building next to Epic. The building isn’t being looked after at all – it’s falling apart, by the look of it – and Martin’s video highlights some of the concerns that the community has about its future.

Unfortunately, the owner of the building didn’t take too kindly to a Councillor tramping round his property videoing the place (which you might have guessed, if you’ve watched it) and promptly reported him to the Standards Board. Whoops!

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