What your councillor does at the weekend

Some councillors work tirelessly making YouTube videos about cottaging. (Martin, we salute you, and your use of “Latin phrases”, although I couldn’t spot any Latin in your film. Were you referring to the word “prophylactic”? Because I think that’s Greek.)

Some councillors have much better things to do. Let me explain.

In an article for the Birmingham Post, Terry Grimley pretty much sums up my feelings about the Moseley Ent, calling it a “crude … piece of kitsch junk”. Go, Terry. He really piqued my interest, though, with this:

“To add a touch of farce to a story which is already grotesque, the secretary of the Moseley Society attempted, unsuccessfully, to have one member of the planning committee excluded on the grounds that his fondness for dressing up as Gandalf might imply he was not entirely impartial.”

Eh? I was unable to imagine how this might have happened in a formal meeting, until I read the minutes:

Councillor E Hendricks indicated that he had spoken publicly about the application and he withdrew from the meeting.

Councillor P Smith indicated that she was the Vice Chairman of the Birmingham Tolkein Group and she withdrew from the meeting.

Councillor R Spector commented that she had seen a similar application a number of years ago and following advice from Mr Evans, Legal and Democratic Services Department, she remained in the meeting.

Following a comment made from the public gallery, Councillor P Douglas Osborn indicated that he had played a character from the Lord of the Rings at an event in Edgbaston. The Councillor stressed that he felt that that was a different matter and had no bearing on the application before the Committee. Mr Evans, Legal and Democratic Services Department, confirmed that it was in order for the Councillor to remain in the meeting.

No, wait. Scary.

One thought on “What your councillor does at the weekend

  1. Al Fresco – that’s latin
    Prophalactic – okay that’s Greek

    I was going to use onanism, but forgot – I understand that’s neither latin or greek.

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