Starting to write

Today I finally plucked up the courage to post an application form that I’ve been carrying around for ages.

It’s a residential writing course for beginners that’ll be held in September by the Arvon foundation. The tutors for the course are proper published authors and everything.

Starting to Write: Telling Tales
“For people interested in writing prose of all kinds. We will explore the link between real life and imagination. If you’re willing to experiment, you should finish the course better equipped to tell the truth and to make things up, and understand how close the two things often are.”

(No idea if they will have any places; my courage did not stretch to phoning up and asking simple questions.)

UPDATE: they didn’t have any places :o(
I’m on the waiting list though – let’s hope there’s a cancellation!

ANOTHER UPDATE (July): I had a call to say there had been a couple of cancellations and would I like a place? Now I’m all nervous about it again – but can’t wait!

One thought on “Starting to write

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get on to that course Editorial Girl. You can either wait on that course waiting list or, if there’s another course you’re interested in, just call the Arvon head office on 020 7931 7611 and we’ll answer any of your questions about any other course! Thanks for mentioning us – cheers, Philip, Arvon London office

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