Gateway Family Services

Gateway Family Services is a social enterprise whose work includes pregnancy outreach, health and wellbeing consultations, and employment training. I collaborate with managers and staff at Gateway to write regular blog posts about their work, particularly around vulnerable people and clients whose stories wouldn’t otherwise be heard. This includes researching complex issues relating to health and social care and translating them into accessible stories.

The blog posts often include audio and video, produced by staff members, to show how Gateway’s interventions and support directly affect people’s lives. I use clear, simple language and write in a way that is as relevant, interesting and accessible to Gateway’s clients as it is to commissioners and managers in the health service. 

I also write and design press releases, case studies, leaflets, reports and other printed materials for the organisation. For more information about my work with Gateway, you might also like to read Jobs I love: blog writing (Dec 2014).

A selection of blog posts are available to view as screenshots here, or you can visit the Gateway Family Services blog.



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