Advice for teenage me

I was talking to someone about Oh Dear Diary yesterday, and she asked “what would you say to your teenage self, if you could talk to her right now?” I ummed and ahhed and eventually said “just… calm down! Boys aren’t everything!” Today, of course, I can think of loads of things I would say Read more about Advice for teenage me[…]

Jobs I love: proofreading

(Now, is that “proofreading”, “proof reading” or “proof-reading”?) Proofreading is a job that I have been doing on and off, officially and unofficially, for twenty years. (Or more, if you consider how, in the top infants, Mrs Warren used to send kids over to my desk to ask for spellings if the queue at her Read more about Jobs I love: proofreading[…]

An idea: Oh Dear Diary

I’ve been thinking about this idea for years and I’d like to finally make it happen. It’s an event called Oh Dear Diary. It’s very simple: people get together and read aloud extracts from their teenage (or childhood, or young adulthood) diaries. Why? It’s funny It’s cathartic It’s bonding It’s affectionate But mostly it’s funny Read more about An idea: Oh Dear Diary[…]

Jobs I love: blog writing

I’ve got a few interesting clients at the moment and the work I do for each of them is very different. Currently I am writer, editor, proofreader,¬†designer, branding consultant,¬†content migrator, content strategist and user experience consultant for a variety of people and organisations. So I thought this might be a useful point at which to Read more about Jobs I love: blog writing[…]

Harkive: what I listened to yesterday (and how I listened to it)

This is my entry for Harkive. As Craig Hamilton explains: On 9th July 2013 I will be gathering stories from music fans across the globe in order to create a unique snapshot of the many listening cultures, habits and practices that exist on that day. I want to repeat this process every year and map Read more about Harkive: what I listened to yesterday (and how I listened to it)[…]

Empathy as a career strength

As part of my journey into freelancing, I recently took the Clifton StrengthsFinder test. I was simultaneously surprised and not-at-all-surprised to find that my main “strength” – according to Clifton – is empathy. What is empathy? From the book: People who are especially talented in the Empathy theme can sense the feelings of other people Read more about Empathy as a career strength[…]

Embrace the cheese

I tweeted this earlier – and included Andy, so he would see it. But he was worried it meant I didn’t like the book. Argh! No, I loved it! Let me explain. Cheese, in this – admittedly very personal – context, is a Good Thing. Mark was trying to get me to use more descriptive Read more about Embrace the cheese[…]

Billy and the magic mushroom

This is a photo of my bedroom wall when I was a baby. (Oh yeah… that’s me, the baby.) Isn’t it awesome? The photo – tea stain and all – only shows a small part of the scene. The whole wall was covered. Apart from the mushroom, rabbit, butterflies and flowers that you can see Read more about Billy and the magic mushroom[…]

When I grow up

It has recently struck me that I’ve always wanted to be an editor. I just didn’t know what it was called. In infant school, I found it a bit odd that all the girls wanted to be nurses and all the boys wanted to be firemen or train drivers. I knew I didn’t want to Read more about When I grow up[…]